PO-35 record pitch change over pattern borders?

I’m trying to “sing” and record the lyrics for a song with the vocoder effect. The PO-35 has enough memory to hold all that I need, but not enough sound slots it seems.

I’m sure you have noticed how you can hold a key down, and while the sound is playing press another key to alter the pitch. This is great in live performance mode with the vocoder effect for example. However, this doesn’t seem to be available in step-sequencing (record) mode. Instead, enter a note, turn the right knob to make the note longer, and then for sub-sequent positions, hold the key down while tweaking the pitch with the left knob.

The problem now is that this way of pitch-tweaking subsequent positions only works within a pattern. Is it possible to do this over pattern borders somehow? I guess not since it wouldn’t make sense if you play the patterns in a different order later. So, I would have to break up those sounds in two parts instead, and re-trigger the second part on the first position of the second pattern. The problem with this method is that I don’t have enough sound slots.

How to get around this? How to record a whole song of vocoder lyrics? Can it be done?

Oh, and what’s worse…
If I trigger a long sound at the end of a pattern it will stop playing when the next pattern begins, unless I repeat the same pattern again. Sounds do not play over pattern borders. Can this be right?

The thing is that with this synth you can make some very long “samples”/sounds (just lower the sample rate to 20 and see how long they get). But the only way to play the entire sound is during live performance.

I know that if I trigger another sound at the beginning of pattern 2 it will cancel out the sound that was triggered at the end of pattern 1, but in my case it seems like a base drum from the drum kit was canceling out my sample. That should not be the case. I’m confused.

Are you running out of polyphony? I can try and recreate this later myself, but I think you can only have four sounds playing concurrently at the same time, so it’s possible that when you are moving to the next pattern you’ve got a fifth sound playing which is causing the longer running note to end.

No, the only thing that was triggered on the first note of the second patch was a base drum from the drum kit, and then maybe a hi-hat a few steps afterwards, but my voice got cut of as soon as the pattern begun.