PO-35 Speak - Very poor battery life

I seem to be having extremely poor battery life on my PO-35. I put the batteries in, play for about 15 minutes and then leave it, and the next day it’s either completely dead or repeatedly saying “low bat”. Is it that I’m using rechargeable batteries, that there’s a problem with the internal circuit, that sleep mode drains lots of power, or what? I hate to have to recharge my PO every day, so please help!

are u checking it after a few mins to make sure its actually gone in sleep mode?
dodgy pots can cause the thing never to go to sleep

when this happens ot me its usually because i left a pattern playing back accident

are your batteries in good condition? maybe they aren’t holding their charge very well?
i use rechargeable batteries w/ no problems.


I had something like this with PO-13. I switched to rechargeables and counter-intuitively it’s been running on the same charge for over a year. Maybe it was the alarm setting. Dry disabling that if you’re using it.

It is in sleep mode, and I’m not playing anything or plugging anything in…