PO-400 + new official powersupply

PO-400 is back in stock with an additional powersupply and cables. So TE is basically admiting that you rather power this without batteries…

I wonder if they changed anything else on the second batch units?


They also redesigned the battery pack module from what the images show, so they definitely realized their original design was really flawed… Hopefully all the people with issues can get their replacements.

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Mind sharing links to the updated battery power packs? ty!

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They don’t have a separate item but the battery pack on the main images looks different now.

Here is the new battery pack and powersupply with cable. The powercable is a standart one with two connections - chances are high you might have a spare one at home already and you can save the 7€.


Are you getting any whining with the TE PSU? I’m using a PSU that has the parameters as specified, but I still get a whining noise when using the device. It’s not very loud in comparison to the sounds that are supposed to come out of it, but it’s still annoying, and frankly kind’ve nauseates me for some reason. I see they have the TE PSUs back in stock, so I’m wondering if I should just go ahead and get one of those. If that completely gets rid of the whine, then it would be worth it. As it is, I’m not an electrician, so the only other solution I see is putting a noise gate between the output in the mixer, which I really don’t want to do for obvious reasons. Any feedback is appreciated.

with my system 400, the TE PSU is flawless!
id suggest you order it … it’d guarantee you the right gear … all depends on the amount of hassle you’d spend finding the right alternative.

I only got whine when the voltage/current supply was low (dying batteries, incorrect external supply).

If you have swapped out the batteries/PSU than I would contact TE.