Here’s the next PO-Battle:


@RisingSon great idea. We did it once, but we had only two songs in the end. I like the way the OP-1 battles are organised. We could adapt that for the PO Battles.



Thanks for the info!
Hopefully since then then the PO-userbase has grown a little…maybe we can make it 3 songs this time! perhaps even more than that :slight_smile:

How about PO-BATTLE NR.2 HEAVYWEIGHTS (Using at least the PO-33 and possibly one more of the metal series)?
As the main sample we could use something that has the word “fight” in its title.

@RisingSon I think the PO-Userbase has definetly grown over the last years. I’m not sure that everyone got a PO33. I like the idea of using a special PO for one battle, but I have the feeling that if everyone was free to use whatever PO they like, there will be more entries.

But to start this Battle as a honor to the new metalseries is nice.

@flom You are right, it might be difficult to get many participants if we choose a specific PO. I wonder how many K.O!-user are around here. ???
But if we don’t specify what type of PO I personally wouldn’t know how to specify guidelines…with sampling it just seems easier. We could say use “THIS” sample and then there is a clear outline of what to do.

I’d love to find a nice way for many people to contribute :slight_smile: POs are great!

@RisingSon I have all of them, so I am ok with everything :slight_smile:

Why dont you just annouce a new PO Battle with the rules you like and we will see.

There was a PO Battle on Facebook in the Pocket Operator group. We could invite them to join us here.

@flom Alright! I’ll do that.
Would you mind posting it in the facebook group? I don’t use it anymore.

See you at the battle…at least if both post something we dot two songs :smiley:

Hello y’all. First post from a long time lurker. I love the PO’s (I have 'em all now, got the PO-33 last week). I’m certainly up for a PO-33 themed battle, in fact I’m up for any PO themed battle whatsoever! I hope this gets off the ground!!

Kind regards


@apapdop, @RisingSon started the new PO Battle https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/4327/po-battle-nr-2-heavyweight#latest