PO KO datatransfer with ugreen audio adapter

I’m trying to transfer data from my PO to my macbook using UGREEN USB to Aux Audio Adapter which includes a 3.5mm Jack headphone output and a TRS microphone input.

I tried capturing with quicktime, audacity and garageband but it seems it only records mono (and as I understand it needs stereo?).

I got some datadump .wav file from the internet, tried to transfer to my PO and it worked. Checked that file in audacity, zoomed in and the two channels are clearly different.

Sorry I’m a noob so I might miss something obvious :wink:


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not sure which UGREEN adapter u have
some of these types of adapters are mono input
so if thats the case
u would need a different interface with stereo inputs

Hi Doc,
I got this one… in the specs it only says stereo output, it doesn’t say anything about input though… Are you familiar with this one? If not can you suggest a similar (cheap) alternative?

The red connection side has a microphone symbol beside it. I’d guess that this is a mono microphone input, and not a stereo line input.

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Agreed with @NearTao :grinning:

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https://youtu.be/H_vWZke0EaQ?si=EuabZlPkleqFpCii - If you haven’t checked this out already. Especially at around 0:45 he’s discussing cables and interfaces.,

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