PO Modular 170 Refund? PO Keyboard Modules are Faulty

Hey Friends,

Anyone else get a refund from TE for the price of the PO 170 today?

I woke up to a refund email from them.

I didn’t request one and haven’t been in contact with TE about issues.

My guess is they got more orders than they had stock for?

Any ideas?

There probably have been some quality issues on the 170 casing or whatever, so they can’t ship it in near future.

Wait, no! There’s a new theory:
They’ve used the 170 parts to rebuild the OP-1! That perfectly explains the OP-1’s increased price tag!

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That’s it!

You figured it out man!

True love never dies, it just gets forgotten about until you see people are selling it for more than you originally charged them.

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Wow this is the fastest TE response I’ve ever gotten:

“We have located a manufacturing problem with the keyboard module. Since this affects both the 170 and 16 modular synth and keyboard, we have to cancel all orders and you have therefore been issued a refund. If you didn’t receive the information by email, it has probably been spam-filtered.”

Cart before the horse, huh TE?

Sounds about right.


What i find surprising is that they don’t say delayed…they say faulty!!..which makes no sense whatsoever.
They have completely lost it… new op1 price 1400 euros, ( you stop production for 2 months and then produce the sane thing for 2 times the price it was originally. Got mine in 2016 for 720 euros ) Then you announce a new product faulty before it even appears anywhere. Pathetic.


Honestly they’re probably way more pissed off about it than anyone else. A manufacturing defect may not have been their fault, or at least could have been a side effect of their design that they didn’t predict.