PO Modular = FAIL?

I just looked to the PO Modular reddit to see, if there’s much happening…and it’s dead.
The last post is from 2 months ago. And around here there isn’t much hype for them either.
So I just wanted to hear what you guys think about the PO Modular range?
Do you think it failed? Do any of you own them? How do you like them?

Personally I have a feeling that it was not a success for TE and that maybe a new range of high end pocket operators (a nice mono-synth with changeable scales for example) could have made better sales. Also I think that they could put more focus on the OP-Z by upgrading it with new synth / FX / tape engines + maybe a flashy trailer for it to get more people interested in it.

PS: This is not meant to attack TE or anyone else. Just some observation & conversation :slight_smile:

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They’ve gotta be neat I know teenage engineering to put out nothing but fire. Modular is extremely niche already and so many with eyes on teenage engineering are focused on that little white loaf of bread sized keyboard thing… tell ya I’d love to have a TE modular to compliment the Moog. I bet the OGs get their hands on one…

I mean I personally have seen a lot more negative than positive in regards to the PO modular, which is sad

Same here. I would have really liked TE to succeed in this, but I think some design decisions are very poor.

  1. For example the PSU…did they really think people were always gonna take these to the park?
    Ship it with a power plug and maybe leave the battery pack altogether.
  2. Every unit having/being a sequencer is not a good decision in my opinion. Most musicians will have some type of sequencer around. so it’s a waste of money and space.
  3. Having separate modules in a case that is not flexible/movable doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They could have saved money and space by putting everything on one PCB, with some pre-made connections like the 0-Coast, making it more beginner friendly.
    Or give each module its own faceplate rather than one huge faceplate for all of them.

I would have loved the 170 modular, if it didn’t have the keyboard as I already have an OP-Z that could function as the sequencer. They could have sold that for $199 and I think a lot more people would have gone for it. Too bad…as I love TE’s design.

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Was there anything new in these modular thing?
I use my own modular for what my regular gear can’t do.

Another aspect is that modules are the right format to change a part I dislike and bring something new to the rig…

Even a semi-modular like 0-Coast get me load of utilities I can reuse with my little skiff, for a minimal footprint.

I feel like TE modular is not succeeding on these points, even quality and sound felt substandard for what I’ve seen in the internet.
Only price is on par. But with Behringer semi-modular in the nature delivering a huge sound for cheap, you have to offer something pretty unique.

My judgement is very superficial as I haven’t tried one, but I tried to explain why I haven’t been attracted the slightest by these PO modulars.


Exactly, it’s not really all that module since you can’t change out any of the modules. I really love the idea of external TE gear I could sequence with my OP-Z, but the way they exist now… not really interested. It would have been so cool if the system was designed in a way you could mount and connect pocket operators to it as well.

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Would not make to bold assumptions yet. As it’s out of stock the few ppl that have it have had it for quite a while and conversations happens mostly when things are new to ppl.

I don’t know…all of TEs other products have so much more video content produced on them.
PO modular, there’s barely any + TE products being sold out doesn’t mean anything :slight_smile:
I think they just had a small first production run.

My point is missed. So few has one that the amount of ppl that can make content or talk about it are slim.

I see…that could be true. I wonder if they are even going to release a second batch in the same form, or if they will make changes.
I really hope for another module without sequencer, batterypack and speaker. One that just focusses on the basics.

I guess they’ll go Eurorack next time