PO polyphony/tracks?

Hi, I’m compiling a chart of each PO’s polyphony limits for a blog post , but I’m missing info for some of them and I want to check I have the correct info for the others. Could y’all have a look/help out? (by priority/sub priority I mean what sound takes precedence over the sounds “underneath” it. There’s probably a better term for this, bit in the case of the Robot for example, live playing is its own track and doesn’t affect the other “tracks”.)

The PO-12 does not have 16 note polyphony. The actual value is unknown.

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I read 16 somewhere, and it’s definitely more than one, but it does seem a mystery. I need to get one back from a friend who’s borrowing it and test it.

I’d like to be able to put something on there with some confidence, like “more than three”

It is definitely more than three. I tried to determine this a long time ago, I think it seemed to be around six, if I recall correctly.

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I believe arcade has effectively some choke groups (I don’t think it’s a simple polyphony count, and I know it’s not 16 polyphonic)

Looks like you’re right, a friend just tested it and said it seems like it’s 6 max

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