PO Repairs & Parts



I got this from r/pocketoperators on reddit and it has helped me replace buttons.

Here are all the noncustom parts for the PO-XX
PO-XX replacement encoder / potentiometer: ALPS RK09K1130AP5
PO-XX replacement jack: CUI SJ-43516-SMT
PO-XX replacement button / switch: ALPS SKHMQKE010
PO-XX replacement LED: ROHM SML-P11UT
I hope this helps someone! Keep beeping and booping!

sooo What about the pin layouts to replace broken glass with some indicators like a clock face or a new SILABS EFM 32? Think they used this from the MOOG Prototype?

Anyone have any ideas other suggestions other than winging it without a screen?


this has a lot of info that may be helpful also


COOL YERRR!!! thanks, :smiley: … woah that’s some deepness this is amazing!


That link worked out great! Replaced a broken button fit like a charm! Thanks @docshermsticks