po setup - sync but mixing them induvidually ?


i want to get the 3 po’s in sync , but output separately so i can mix them .

is this correct?
i need 2 x stereo to 2 mono connectors.
1 x mono feeds the mixer
1 x mono (sync) would feed into the next po .

maybe something into PO12 to trigger sync/play
PO12 - mono audio to mixer & mono sync to po14
PO14 - mono audio to mixer and mono sync to po16
PO16 - audio to mixer

or is there a better way / possible to get stereo audio out to mixer ?

I may be mistaken, but I don’t think you can send a start message to the POs, only clock. So even when they’re tempo synced, you’ll need to start patterns manually by pressing play on the units. I think TE’s stereo out sync is clever, but I found it much easier to use either a Volca sync out or Korg’s free iOS sync app as a master clock. Use a headphone splitter, you can even route headphone splitter -> headphone splitter or use a belkin rockstar to sync all three POs from a single sync source.

i got a volca i can hook up, thanks for the info.

Hi I use a 3.5 to 3.5 mono coupler from maplin than a 3.5 mono to stereo adapter not proper stereo but overcome mono output

Happy to help! Love the Pocket Operators. Just have to make sure they’re all on the correct sync mode when syncing from an a single external source- should be SY2.

i haven’t tested this yet, but i figure you can send one of the pocket operators ouput to a mixer (using a 3mm stereo to phono l-r pair cable) then use fx sends to feed each of the other pocket operators the sync pulse(left channel) from that device. each pocket operator could have separate stereo output to mixer. (is stereo output really necessary with these devices?) the first PO would be left=pulse/right=mono audio out (sy1) and the other two would be sync in/stereo out (sy4).
send some external signal to all 3 devices via aux sends on a mixer and have all 3 devices stereo out back to mixer. (sy4 on all 3 devices and external clock source)

i love the idea of using the aux out from a mixer to sync the operators but i’m trying to make an even more compact setup.

would it be possible to use the clock out from a volca or synckontrol into the belkin rockstar then use that as clock control for other volcas/ pocket operators?

what would be the best way to combine all the audio into a single signal without a mixer? could you use one of the belkin rockstars coupled with http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/35mm-metal-mono-coupler-l33az ?

@trojan Left/right output signals are identical.

@trojan Left/right output signals are identical.

not in sync modes that send sync pulse on left channel, but yes, no need to record each device in stereo then.


all synch from volca sample, each with individual outputs…

that looks similar to what i could get working , though might go for small mixer with fx sends on each channel for output to my kp2s .

i bought lots of plugs, sockets , wires , soldering iron , time to try and make some wires.

might try sync out from beat step pro … no idea if its suitable …

Hey @re5etuk

@darenager created some passive mixers that can be used for audio merging, but also to get the same sync signal to several POs.
Check this discussion !

I’ve got some ideas for some cases in the works. Was gonna try to sync the three internally, wiring 2 mono sync in and out jacks and have a seperate audio out for each (mono). I just got my second PO today. about to experiment.

Also gonna try wiring some rechargeables in the with a mini usb. I’ve already tried a mini usb, stepped down to 3v. seemed to work just fine. I didn’t play with it long though as it was a jankey test job.

Finally all my pocket operators together!!! They are mixed individually, thanks to awesome @darenager passive mixer. Unfortunately, the sync signal is going too low through the mixer, so PO`s are synced from each one to the other one (not via the second mixer/splitter)… The output audio signal is also very low for headphones, so it is necessary to use some preamp…

@veverkoid that is a thing of beauty!

@ververkoid Looking good!

@veverkoid that is a thing of beauty!

Thanks!!! There is a few punk moments (especially in wires), but it works for now :slight_smile: