PO sound dangerously loud on headphones

Am I the only one who thinks the sound can be like dangerously too loud on the heaphones? Like when you accidently turn the volume on more than 6 actually.

Any advice too avoid that? I mean, apart from not drunk playing and messing around with the buttons ?

“Hold bpm and press any key 1-16”


They are dangerously loud, at times shrill. When did yours come in, and in what part of the world?

It is loud, I can say turn it on with head phones scares me every time!

@punji, yeah I know, it’s just that one the PO 12 especially, setting the volume on more than 6 is really lood.
I accendtly turned it on 13 yesterday evening, and it almost scared me to death. I think it can also do really serious damage to your ears. I find it very weird that they didn’t take care of such a basic thing as a safety on the headphone volume
@Kites I bought it at the Colette store in Paris the day it came out

@punji, I find it very weird that they didn't take care of such a basic thing as a safety on the headphone volume

Very concerning indeed.

so i must probably buy them if indeed they have a nice and sensual problem like diz

Am I missing something or why would they not make the outputs as loud as possible?

My guess is the speak output needs high volume and the headphone needs a lower one and the circuit was too involved.

whats the issue with volume? seems like while holding BPM you can choose a volume preset 1-16 and then it stays at that volume.

edit- the op1 has the ability to prolly destroy speakers. My gain is always set low and i make sure not to overdub something to the extremes with gain. but it can happen. and pretty easily at that. but i consider it a feature.

I think I damaged my hearing using headphones when trying to figure out the retrig function.

I hope I start hearing normal again soon! I hear sound is muffled now after that volume explosion

@milkyjoe that’s very true, this retrigger functionnality shouldn’t have been triggered by the same button as the volume, that’s one of the first thing I noticed…

Every one has to be VERY careful with this !!
I’m very sorry that you damaged your ear, I hope it recovers a bit soon… Usually permanent ear damage makes your ear hear permanent high pitched whistle.

ma<be they’ve tested with a 250ohms beyerdynamic and thought…man this is too quiet. :slight_smile:

@JohnnyEgo that’s funny because I use the BD770pro 250 Ohms on the po-12 but even with these I never cross the level 5 border. Damn the PO-12 output is hot!

Headphones are killing for your ears. I recognise the high pitched whistle, sadly…

I compared the PO-Sub and iPad output levels and they appear very similar.

iPad at max volume - about 2Vpp:

PO at volume 13 - about 1.5Vpp:

Now, going beyond volume 13 causes clipping/distortion - same track as above at volume 16 gives 2Vpp:

haha @punji great sleuthing!


i’ve noticed the same with my 150 ohms superlux. compared to an Ipad the PO-s can Kill your ears and your HI-FI System with ease!

Downpitched microdrums on the Factory + effect 1 (Low-Pass) and a running melody. bam.

Whistling till Death. :slight_smile:

…the membran on my system starts stuttering on high levels. because of that tight bass pressure

^ I will test again with some dummy load, say 100-150 ohms…

While the headphone out is SUPER loud, when plugging it into line in, it is very quiet…I have to turn pre-amp up 50% to match any other gear ! The op-1 is like that too…