Po sounds packages?

can anyone give me all the po packages? i only found po-20 but the drums are divided and i don’t know how to insert them in a drum rack.
and about it…can you tell me how to insert multiple divided sounds in a drum rack?
thank you

drum rack ableton? tbh youre much better off finding ur own samples than using the ones on PO’s

No, drum rack on po 133. I have 8 melodies buttons and 8 drums buttons. How can I insert 16 different sounds in one drum button? But I have 16 different s files: 1 with kick, 1 with hit hat, 1 with Tom etc…

u gotta line em all up and sample it all in one shot
then go back in and trim up each individual hit like u want it

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PO-33 drum bank loader this should help you
also read a manual


Ok thank you

Woah this is awesome! Thanks for the link!

Hi, thanks for the link this is a very useful tool. However I was thinking of a better way to implement this, since if you have more then one of the sounds on one step, it deletes the older one, but what if you make 4 different groups, like pad 13 with 16 kicks, pad 14 with 16 snare, pad 15 with 16 hats, and pad 16 with 16 percussion sounds. Wouldn’t that be a solution for the way the PO-33 is deleting the oldest sound. I will try it out today and share my thoughts again.

Edit: Ok this seems to work just fine, just wish there was more recording time, since I almost used all of it and can’t take any more samples now

I found out that lining them up and then trim then wasn’t the best way for me to get all my drum kits sorted ou8t in the PO-33, and then I found this video, which explains two great tips. One on how to build your kit and the second one is a work-around for the duplicate sample on one pad. Here it is, it really helped me: