PO sub battery life is bad? Is this just me?

I noticed that my PO 14 gets terribel battery life. Like, a week, with light use. Is anyone else expirencing this, and what might be causing it?

that shouldn’t happen. sounds like a defective unit. only the latest “metal” series of POs has been reported to have a bit less battery life, esp the 33 and 35. but the 12 & 14 should last months. mine last at least month of almost daily use of about 30min-1hr per day sometimes more.

sorry i should def mention it could be your batteries too. make sure you are using good quality AAA batteries.

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i think one thing that may affect battery life is
is your PO actually going to sleep after some inactivity?
(not sure exactly how long the time interval is supposed to be, 10-15 mins?)
this is why the batteries last so long on them

if it doesn’t go to sleep then it uses much more juice
when it is sleeping it uses almost no juice.

for example sometimes if your pots are jumpy (very common PO issue)
this will cause the device never to actually get to sleep
among maybe other things/reasons that are keeping it “awake” or waking it up unexpectedly

i actually really like the feature on some of the POs
to manually put it to sleep with a button combo
but not all POs have this feature
i think its the 20 series?

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This is a great point and led me to realize something: if your PO-14 has (or thinks it has) something in the line in, it will wait for 60 minutes of inactivity before falling asleep instead of the usual 5.

Any chance that’s your situation here?

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Yes, it goes to sleep

Do you keep a cable connected to the line in?

No… ⠀⠀⠀

I had awful battery life on PO-12. Then I bought some rechargeable AAAs and it’s going strong one year later without a single recharge. You might try another batch of batteries, because a lot of “brand” stuff sold in the supermarkets is fake and deficient.


which rechargeable batteries to you use? i’m curious

Energizer Recharge. The battery casing says it’s made in Japan, so that might be something to look for.