PO Sync + Ableton Live

Heres a video I made of how I sync my pocket operators with each other as well as to ableton live


I’m happy to answer any questions.

Heres a link to visual digram of setup:

I’m trying to do more or less the same. But have several issues, the first is that SyncKontrol is really untight when enabling Ableton Link. It’s so bad that you can easily hear it when you listen to the click directly from the phone but also very easy with eg a drum rhythm. Tried several devices and iOS versions and it’s always there. In reality rendering that sync useless. (Without Ableton Link it’s perfect.)

Great work, thanks!

I can’t see the diagram… do you have a URL?

hmm, dunno why it wont work. There is a link above comments on the youtube video :slight_smile: