PO sync goofiness when synced to other gear?

Any fellow pocket operators noticed any sync weirdness when changing tempos? It seems like mine go a bit freaky when the tempo changes by more than about 30bpm, and it seems that the steps skip/swing. I have tried it with a number of different devices, synclab, oplab sync output, volca, monotribe sync kontrol app etc Seems that all 3 POs suffer with this.

Anyone? Bueller?

Just a guess: the sync protocol uses the same pulse repeated for every eight steps, so by changing the tempo too fast it probably confuses the PO about what pulse corresponds to the 1th or 8th step in the sequence.

I was under the impression that it uses the same scheme as the Volca/Monotribe where it interpolates the inbetween steps internally, anyway I will try to do some more digging and have a peep at the sync output on the scope. I’m wondering if a wider pulse will cure it, I’ll post back any findings.

BTW not to panic anyone, in most circumstances the sync seems pretty solid, but tempo changing does seem to confuse them if it is sudden and in larger than gradual steps.

If I had to guess (and just a guess) they’ve squeezed so much out of that poor little processor that it’s probably doing all it can just to stay sync’d in the first place >.>

^ Maybe, I’ll post some scope shots in a bit.

Hmm, so the output pulse is around 1.4v and a shade under 5ms, I am going to try some attenuation of the master device to see if the weirdness persists…

Nope wasn’t that, I think it has to do with going outside of the PO’s tempo range, I’ll check more thoroughly when I have some more time.