PO Sync to Ableton?

Hey guys,

Do you know if it’s possible to sync the POs to Ableton Live via click track? And is it safe for the POs? I’ve just tried running the click track from Ableton out of my audio interface headphone jack, and after turning the volume up, PO-16 started to pick the signal up, but it seemed erratic and the screen started looking slightly wonky. Have you guys tried this? I had it on SY2 which is the one the user guide listed for that setup.

Also, TE has a “warning” on the user guides not to exceed 6.0v on sync levels. What do they mean by that?

I’m really hoping I didn’t fry the thing.


I was able to get this working. Recorded the click from the PO into Ableton, synced that up with the Ableton tempo and then sent that back to the PO. Works like a charm.

Good to know !
In fact I figured I always use a Volca as MIDI > CV sync converter.

True, I was thinking it could be a good excuse to get a Volca!

I got all but the Sample, and this one seems to be the cream of them all :smiley:

But so far I have much fun with the first three. I feel like I need to calm down with the GAS.

It’s very nice that they have MIDI In (it’s really THE thing missing in the POs).