PO Syncing woes

Hello, everyone. I have done some decent scouring on the interwebs and can’t seems to find a repeatable way to get all six POs synced up. Anyone want to give me a better understanding of how each sync setting works? Also, I am trying to find some ways to run them through my Behringer Xenyx Q502USB. Partially for recording purposes and partially for maybe finding a method to simplify syncing. I would prefer not to spend any more money on gear, but I may if I have to. But, I am hoping some of you can suggest some other ways to get all six POs playing nice and at decent volume. I believe DJthomaswhite on youtube has a diy solution he made. Unfortunately I am training to be a machinist right now and don’t have time to teach myself basic electronics. So, if you folks have any advice or suggestions I would welcome them. Oh, and these little sequencer synths are pretty amazing!

I put a splitter cable on the output of the Office to isolate the sync signal, ran that through a preamp i had lying around to buff up the volume, then used a belkin rockstar to get 5 outputs; 1 for each remaining PO.

Office is set to SY1, and the remaining to SY2.

Hope that helps a bit

Okay, that makes a bit of sense. Still trying to understand what all the different sync modes really do/mean. Also I am mostly noobish when it comes to pro-audio equipment. I will check out the rockstar device and see how it works. Thanks for the help!

No problem; Sync modes here:

Mode input output
SY0 stereo stereo
SY1 stereo mono/sync
SY2 sync stereo
SY3 sync mono/sync
SY4 mono/sync stereo
SY5 mono/sync mono/sync