PO Tracks

I’ve just got my two POs(12 and 14) and made a track with the PO-14 today.

Went here to show you guys and noticed that we didn’t have a thread for PO Tracks yet. BUT NOW WE DO! :smiley:

Any way, here’s my track:

Enjoy and hope to see some of yours soon! :slight_smile:

As Factory is my favorite so far, this is a track PO-16 only, with a minor edit at the end to get a proper fade out (though I could have done it with the toy, I hadn’t thought of it).

My playing was mostly with the pattern chaining during the recording, I didn’t want to destroy the patterns in case I had to re-record it from the begining.
And that was a good move, cause I had to make 20 takes or so : pattern chaining is not that easy to master…


Next step : a 3PO track !

Nice tune! Good to hear something from the factory that isn’t glitchy craziness =) looking forward to mine, whenever I get it.

Hi, here is my first try on the Pocket Operators. https://soundcloud.com/neeneneee/nr-1

a small second attempt on the pocket operators. https://soundcloud.com/neeneneee/nr-2-wo-ist-meine-mama

hahaha 3po awesome!

Used the PO-12 on this track, but bitcrushed it to a fairly unrecognizable state.

Here’s one I made chaining some patterns in so a buddy could hear what sounds it would make…volume is way off lols:


Ohh and I forgot to add how much I enjoyed hearing you guys tracks! These things are fun!

Next step : a 3PO track !

LOL nice, strange that the T.E products lend so well to star wars puns. Ohpeewon Kenobi, and 3PO lol.

New 3PO… sampled into the OP-1 so 4 tracks https://soundcloud.com/sammyjams/landed

Here is one I made tonight….just recorded straight to ableton no eq(watch the highs…they are harsh)!


@sammyjams! That is nice!

Did this a few minutes ago recorded into Ableton using all 3 POs then did some edits and a quick master chain


I should stop procrastinating on the OP1 and do some work…


All 3 POs + OP1 https://soundcloud.com/sammyjams/forward

Did this last night with the PO’s and the Monotribe, did editing/finalized in Ableton…maybe 2 hours of goofing around trying to get the PO’s to sync with the Monotribe, then just recording what happened…then made a little song.


PO-12 and modular:



all po-12


POs + OP1 https://soundcloud.com/sammyjams/get-up