PO videos


Thanks @krautaren!

Recording setup is literally just what you see there, with the game boy and PO-12 running into a little Behringer mixer; I think the only post-processing I did was a bit of a limiter/normalisation on the mix.

The camera is a Fujifilm X20, borrowed from my girlfriend since I don’t have a camera that can do HD video… I may need to get one of my own, it’s pretty great!

TE actually sent me a PO-20 for making these videos, so I think a PO-12/PO-20/game boy sync jam may end up happening soon…


Two more…




haha, those are some fun interpretations! I need to work on some covers on my POs.

Here’s my latest:

My first try - based on Giana Sisters Boss-Stage music from C-64:



oh god those cases. so sexy.




So nasty. I love it!
I’m always impressed with longer PO jams like this. Well played borjadeu.


Here’s a sequence I recorded a while back. Love the effects!


In the air tonight - PO edition.



Fantastic @krautaren. Love it.



Is this anyone on here? Great job whoever you are!


I did this terrible-quality live video on the Arcade a couple of weeks ago (which has a corresponding less-terrible audio recording here).

I need to figure out a way of filming both me and the PO buttons, since I don’t really do instrumental stuff and it feels weird to be singing out of shot.


Not a PO video, but a homemade looper from the guy that programmed the PO-20 series for TE…


I can’t help but wonder whether he influenced the design of the original PO’s too. He was making tiny chiptune hardware on his own way back in 2007…



WHO I GOTTA KILL TO GET A BITBUF Common TE get your shit together. and poop more stuff out. Ive been raging raging about the bitbuf every since i first saw that video years ago. its what made me buy an arcade.


@masterofstuff124 Which arcade do you have?

Edit: Oh, you probably mean a PO-20, not a real arcade… :slight_smile:


Well I do run alot of emulators. And I do frequent my local arcade! but alas i meant the po20. The closest I get to a real arcade machine at home is my beefy desktop PC.

I like to game.


Getting ready for a minimal tech set in may :smiley:

A song from the turn of the century.



@krautaren that… is awesome, damn fine work sir.


Gee, thanks @ghostly606!