pO12 board pics


@masterofstuff124 I can’t read the part numbers in the two 8 pin ICs to the left and right of the MCU… Could you please write that down?

You got one already? Are you going to make a sweet case for it?

^not mine asked nicely for some pics.

well the main chip is this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFM32 -an arm microcontroller(pretty dope)

the larger of the smaller ICs is prolly some kinda amplifier(higher quality.) the other one is for the input or if the larger chip has multiple amps it might be a multiplexer to get all those switches to communicate with the microcontroller. this is just a guess. ill try to get some more info.

efm stands for energy friendly micro controller. i wonder how long the batt life will be on two AA’s. might have to hack a stupidly large lipo/charger to the 3v in.

That MCU requires less than 10mA at full throttle. Idem for the display. The output amplifier would take 30mA, assuming 100mW. That mean a couple AAA alkaline batteries would last 1000 / 50 = 20 hours, or more…

Looking like AA batteries to me, and my Eneloops are about 1900-2000mAh :smiley: Though if I’m wrong, my AAAs are still about 950 iirc.

The IC to the right is the Texas Instruments TPA6111A2 stereo audio amplifier (40mW @ 32ohm / 3V).

Yeah, not sure if those are AA or AAA either…

def AA.

So a portable drum machine and (probable) fx unit with a nearly 40 hour battery life for $50.

I’ll take two.

This thing is definitely an exercise in minimalism… I can’t be sure without the part number, but I guess the IC to the left is a stereo pre-amp to boost the sound input before the ADCs.

Also, I bet TE is going to use a custom made LCD screen that will bring fond memories of Nintendo Game&Watch devices…

^chop lifter.

Anyone know when/where we can actually get one? :slight_smile:

According to Synthopia:

“No release date has been set yet for the PO-12 drum machine, but it’s expected to be sometime in 2015.”

First we got the op-1…

Next we’re getting the po-12…

I wonder what the op-123 will be…

cuckoo has confirmed they are AAA’s