PO12 crash on volume change


I’ve had my pocket operators for a few weeks now and my po12 has started to crash horrendously. Whenever I change volume to either 7 or over it crashes then reboots. When it comes back on I’ve lost all my patterns.

I know people seem to be saying it crashes easily if you’re button mashing but this is even happening with the default patterns with no effects applied. Ultimately it’s rendering it more or less useless. As an aside, my sub is completely fine and doesn’t suffer from the same problems.

Has anybody else experienced this at all? Have I got a dud unit and return it?


Also; strangely it seems to perform better when used with the sub synced to it. When chained together I haven’t experienced any crashes at all.

Have you tried with fresh batteries? Increasing the volume may be causing the battery voltage to drop…