po12 multiplier ?

I don't understand the multiplier(retrig). Why does it only work sometimes on some steps?


nevermind I figured it out

Oh yeah? Does it only work on certain sounds? It’s been a bit hit and miss for me too…

The trick is that the step has to be set on to enable the retrig functionnality.

Like 0 x anything = 0

Yes, this stumped me initially as well. Once you realize how it works, it makes sense, but the manual could have been a bit more detailed in explaining this.

For some reason read this as PO-12 Multi-Player. I guess you could sync two up and you and a friend each jam on one lol!

Attempting to use re-trig function, but selecting a sound, and then hold step + BPM only causes picture of a button (four-hole kind that belongs on a shirt) to appear. No matter what I do, never see retrig digit appear on the lcd.

Any help or guide on howto use this would be appreciated. Guide is very slim on details.

The retrig count is NOT displayed, only that button icon. You need to figure it out by ear…

On my unit it shows "T-(0,1,2,3,4,6 or 8) when entering retrigs on the upper screen next to the clock. Goes away when BPM is released. On a friends unit, nothing is displayed. May be a bug?

Or maybe TE has updated the firmware… I will check mine again, but I don’t recall seing that.

@sammyjams mine shows this as well, I’m 100% positive on this.

Would be weird that it’s not displayed on some units…

My mistake, actually appears in place of the clock and disappears when you let go of the step not BPM. Also 0 is not an option


That is displayed on mine.

^ I just confirmed mine also displays it that way, but I was not aware of that until now…

No trig count in upper area (place or clock) for me. Shirt-button is displayed when entering re-trig, but upper area shows BPM value. Verified by ear that tapping bpm button definitely changes re-trig value.