Po12 Rhythm Live Pattern issues

Hey all

Having some weird issues with my PO12. driving me mad.

During live performance you’ll hold PATTERN and then press the slots you want chained. Usually I’d expect it to finish playing the current pattern and then move to the chain I punched in.

Right now it’s not doing that. Say pattern 1 is playing. I’ll hold pattern, press 2 and 3. What then happens is 2 will play, but then 1 plays again! 3 is ignored, and it replays the pattern you originated from.

Anyone else experienced this?

i know sometimes i’ll enter in a chain, then not realizing i’m holding pattern still
try to enter a new chain which just adds onto the first chain instead of creating a new one
but that doesn’t necessarily sound like whats going on here?

maybe your batteries are low or something?
u could always try a factory reset as well see if that fixes it

Yeah this isn’t a finger fumble, I have very carefully tested this to make sure I’m not going mad!

Patt 1 playing
Hold pattern
Press 2 3
Release pattern
1 finishes playing
2 plays
1 plays
Loop (3 is ignored!)

It feels like the behaviour changed while I was using it. I was jamming away and then all of a sudden finding that chains I input were not working properly.

I have tried new batteries.

Reddit has told me a workaround… hold pattern and press number I want as first in chain. When it starts playing, punch in the rest of the chain. This seems to work, mostly…

I didn’t even realise you could reset them. I’ll try that… annoying that this happened after making my favourite pattern yet!

i’ve lost everything so many times it doesn’t really bother me anymore
sure it sucks to lose but
destroy and rebuild
destroy and rebuild
destroy and rebuild
destroy and rebuild
destroy and rebuild
destroy and rebuild

its actually really good practice
remaking things, making them better than before