PO14 question regarding Parameter Locking

I noticed that the sound of the selected synth sound changes whether I'm in play mode or not. I assume there is a saved parameter lock on the selected pattern which affects the synth. I have individual parameters on the drum machine and as far as I understand, I can only change the overall parameter lock, which would erase my individual parameters, right?

Does this mean - since each synth sound responds different to the parameters and one setting may sound fine with one sound and unusable with another - that I have to build the pattern new if want to use it with a different synth sound??? Please help me if there is a workaround for this, eg a way to only erase the parameter lock on the synth.

AFAIK there’s no way to erase the plocks on the steps all at once. If things get too crazy I usually turn the two knobs to the center position without pressing any buttons. Then I press and hold the write, while in “play” mode, and twist the knobs ever so slightly. This overwrites the parameter on all steps eventually. That’s kind of a workaround though you have to be very quick if you want it to be unnoticeable.

For most of the synths I don’t actually mind the different effects the parameters have when switching to another synth. If you plan ahead and know that your’ switching to one of the synths in the lower half of the PO you can start bringing the parameters into less destructive ranges beforehand. Or you could try adding an effect like any of the filters to ease the transition while you re-adjust the knobs.

The micro drum machine behaves in the very same way: Each step has a saved parameter setting. The only difference being that you can assign a different drum-synth to each step.