PO32 resetting randomly

Does anyone else have this issue? To start with, I thought it was just a battery issue but I’ve narrowed down the possible causes (bad cells, loose contacts etc).

Doesn’t happen ALL the time but does occur occasionally just when picking the unit up. Really annoying because I’m just out of the grace period for returns…

can you explain what you mean by resetting? Mine will sometimes ask me to enter the time as if I just put new batteries in it…doesn’t happen often though and I just assumed the battery lost connection at some point. Has never done it to me while actually using it.

Sounds like a connection problem. Try to tighten the battery terminals: take out the batteries, slightly bend the terminals inwards, then put batteries back in.

Happens to me every time I put the volume above 6 with my PO-12…

Hey guys, thanks for the responses!

As pOk describes, my PO32 sometimes behaves as if I’ve just put new batteries in. I’ve checked and adjusted the terminals a few times. It does actually also behave like that when the batteries are too low, but it happens to mine on fresh batteries as well. Also, when the batteries are low, turning the volume above the default causes an instant reset (I think this is normal behaviour though, the batteries are just too low to cope).

It sounds as if it is a common issue, not sure if I should chase it up with the retailer.

So this is still happening. Literally just picking it up causes a reset, its not a connection issue, its not a low battery issue, it happens randomly and I’m not amused. Its just a minor thing to set the clock but it feels like I’ve got a faulty product.

Just to be sure: you are using non-rechargeable 1.5V batteries, and not 1.2V rechargeable ones?

Yes, I’m using non rechargeable 1.5v batteries, I’m surprised how long they last! Just emailed TE but I’ll probably contact the retailer too.

Mines pretty bad too. Ive bent the terminals in slightly, which I thought helped, but it didnt. Mines really bad about doing it when Ive got something plugged into the line in and out at the same time.

Also, Ive noticed a weird thing with my office. I broke all the hanger tabs off and havent checked on the others, but if I lay my finger across the top and touch the two points where the hanger broke off, it’ll reset.