PO33 input hum - normal?

Hey all.

I’ve noticed on myPO33 there is a hum/buzz when an external source is plugged in.

This can be any audio device, even another PO. it happens whenever an aux is inserted, even when the other device is muted or nothing is plugged in the other end.

It’s noticeable but you can’t really hear it over music. Still annoying.

To reproduce - just plug in an aux to the PO input. Noise instantly audible even at sensible volumes.

It doesn’t effect records of samples. Is this usual? Never heard it on my other POs.

na i dont think it should be like that at all.
prob your jack is wonked slightly or maybe your cable

Do you have one yourself? Someone else has said that it is normal…!

yes i do i’ve never noticed a hum or buzz with input sources
i just tested it again quick to confirm
no hum or buzz

Thanks for this. I think I’m going to get it swapped.

I had the same issue. Changed the battery and fixed :slight_smile:
Normally it will happen at mine PO33 at ± 40% of battery

That’s weird. I’ll try a fresh set of batteries.

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Hey, this was actually the solution. A fresh set of batteries or the reboot solved it. Thanks!

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Great, No problem happy to help!!
Have fun :smiley:

I have found that when I use rechargeable batteries, I get a hum on the way in. Try a brand new pair of batteries, and see if that helps.
Oh… I see that’s already been solved hahaha.

Ive noticed a hum like this before, its usually when i use cheap batteries like dollar store ones. whenever i would notice it on good branded batteries, i would readjust the battery hinges and the hum/buzz would go away.