what would you like to see in a PO 33 KO field?

ive been really enjoying the field speculation for other TE devices, so i thought we could start one on my favorite PO the 33ko. The opz seems like the successor to the PO line but i find sampling to be far more engaging on the 33. Yes i realize the field series is the antithesis of the PO series, but its fun to speculate.

anyhoo ill start,

metal body! lol
i really like the dials on the opz, id like to see those on other devices.
the screen on the POs feel gimmicky but seems like it would be easy to make one with more useful information.
and finally software changes, the first one that always hits me is step length per voice.
6-8 voices
switch any channel between melodic and drum applying the slicing algo.
individual pitching of a slice in a voice track.
many of the features of the PO are work-arounds to get an amazing level of functionality out of such a simple device. bringing these out as settings would be great. loading up really long samples for instance.
being able to single shot a long sample so it plays while i jam.
sounds like i want a tiny octatrack!
random, lfos, opz style locks. smooth slides. etc…
master fx!
Oooo tiny drum pads! lol
the list goes on…

love to hear others ideas on the subject. Love my ko33 and would like more from a similar pocket able device.

a photo of my well loved 33!

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one thing i thought they shoulda implemented from the start
is the high // low recording quality function from the speak
to get more sampling time


i would like them to be usb battery powered!! i like the pots on your po

Hi 305shawty, you can already usb power your PO, have as look at the revolt product on:
MyVolts.com I am looking into buying this for myself and get rid of batteries for all my devices.