PO33 not Recording

Hi all,

I’ve just found a problem last night where I can no longer record to the PO.

  • Battery is at 99%, per the PO
  • cleared all samples/slots, should have full 40sec
  • when recording line-in or via speaker, ‘REC’ shows and the bar fluctuates with the high/low of sound
  • but the PO doesn’t count down from 40sec
  • when you check any of the banks, nothing is recorded
  • if you talk close to the mic, it says ‘CLP’; think I read this is distortion/too lound
  • also sometimes holding record, it says ‘rst’ in the corner of the screen, assuming reset
  • I’ve also factory reset the device 3 times now, all factory sounds are back on; still can’t record in

I’ve check all over but haven’t found a solution. So not sure if just the mic is damaged or there’s an issue inside the unit for when you record.
Everything else works, minus trying to record in.

Also contacted TE about this, hoping they have a debug or a walk through.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks All!