PO400 OScope Shots

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image7

Top down is
Saw Noise
LFO Square
LFO Triangle
Square Oscillator
Saw Oscillator (I am not FMing the Saw, there is some kind of secondary frequency running through it)


While I’m no expert on oscilloscope views, this looks relatively good with little distortion. Other than maybe the last saw osc. Right?

Have you had a look at the sine? I am curious how clean it is.

How does this hold up to other modular waveforms?

Looks just as good as any high end synth. The saw looks like a more fun version instead of just plain saw, or it could’ve been how my scope was set? I dunno. I use the pro-400 to process a lot of sounds and for the sequencer. They help so much. Roland saws always were animated in the 90s, maybe that’s why they did it.

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