Pocket Chip Hackable Game System (Musical Potential)


I’m not a hacker/programmer, but this looks super cool. With the awesome colour display, people could make some pretty amazing music apps. What do you think? It’s like the Pocket Operator of Video games.

It does have its own 4-track tracker it appears. I have done quite a lot with 28K of space on a TI-85 before, so I imagine it could be fun. And for $50 it’s practically a no-brainer. I’ve certainly dropped $50 and much dumber shit…

I just noticed it comes with Sun Vox!

Yoooo, then it’s a 100% legit music creation tool.

SunVox is insanely powerful. what I really got started making music on. (before hardware…)

I grabbed one though the Kickstarter. Definitely had the OP-1 in mind when I went for it. At the very least you can plug in the OP-1 and offload the tape and album in order to start some new music. I haven’t messed with SunVox yet, but based on videos I have seen it is very flexible. I downloaded Puredata too, with the intention of seeing if it can do Organelle things.

I suppose one could easily run nes/snes/Genesis emulators on this as well? Might be a deal maker!

LOVE the idea for the stand. You stick a couple of pencils through it!

Cool, it runs PICO-8 games too. I’ve been fiddling a little with it. (It’s a “virtual” 8-bit gaming console.)

I just ordered one, mainly for the games. I will mess around with sunvox again though; I used to use that on a palm years ago. If someone could figure out how to split op-1 albums to L and R mono tracks to bring back into tape that would be awesome.


@Virtual_Flannel Hey thanks so much for posting about the Pocket C.H.I.P! I might have missed both Chip and Sunvox if I hadn’t stumbled across it here. I ordered one almost as soon as I checked out the videos and I’m currently waiting for shipping to begin :slight_smile:

In the mean time I downloaded Sunvox and I’m utterly blown away by what Alexander Zolotov has created. That it’s free is just a further mind blow. I’d like to share a couple of test tracks I made; both of them are loosely inspired by the fantastic game: "Hyper Light Drifter"

Crystal Decay

Crystal Decay by HelloOperator | Hello Operator | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The Dancing Maggot

The Dancing Maggot by HelloOperator | Hello Operator | Free Listening on SoundCloud

SunVox rocks! I’ve ordered Pocket CHIP some weeks ago too, expecting delivery in July. Also ordered one extra CHIP for yet another SunVox synth project, this time without screen. I’m really looking forward to the day when SunVox get’s wider multi-channel MIDI implementation although it’s a killer even now.