Pocket Integrator help thread

Pocket Integrator, the add-on board for Pocket Operators, is now available from Crowd Supply and MSL! The first 100 units have shipped to Crowd Supply. My deepest thank-yous to all the OP Forums members who supported the crowdfunding campaign!

The OP Forum admins have kindly agreed to host this Pocket Integrator help thread. If you have any questions or issues with the Pocket Integrator – either the one you have, or the one that you’re thinking of getting – you can post your question here. I’ll answer as best I can, as soon as I’m able.

If you’re new to OP Forums, welcome! People are nice here. Please do read the OP Forums FAQ before posting, and please keep it civil.



Pocket Integrators were mailed out to all backers yesterday! They’ve departed the warehouse and are on the final leg of their journey to the real world. Everybody who ordered the Pocket Integrator last year should have received shipping notice email from CrowdSupply yesterday. So if you are one of the many folks who ordered one of these … thank you! Watch your mailbox for a special cardboard delivery.

(If you ordered a PI thru CrowdSupply but did not get an email about shipping, then please let me know, but also do log in to your CS account and check the status of your order there. I don’t expect any problems, tho.)

It was really cool to see how many of these were ordered by people in far-away places. I just hope the shipments to Sweden, Japan and Australia are able to arrive by Christmas …

Happy holidays!

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