Pocket Integrator: now taking orders at Crowd Supply!

Today we finally launched the crowdfunding campaign for Pocket Integrator, the add-on board for Pocket Operators! It’s taken a while to get here, but I’m very happy we made it.

Here’s the Crowd Supply campaign page with all the deets!


Awesome project! One question about MIDI out, does this cover clock only or are you also picking up notes/CC coming from the PO and send that out? What about start/stop? Just thinking about the possibilities…

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I wish this could be a general-purpose MIDI interface for Pocket Operators, but the POs don’t come with any interface for that. Pocket Integrator sends an analog sync pulse that POs can read, plus MIDI Clock and start/stop messages for any other MIDI device you attach over USB or TRS.

Since this board is also a programmer for POs, you could in theory use it reprogram your Pocket Operators to be MIDI-capable devices. That’s a big project though, which doesn’t exist yet. I hope this board helps to get an open-source PO firmware project going!