Pocket Mixer ?

Am I the only one wishing TE would release a PO-18 with :

- 3 inputs
- 3 track volume knobs
- 3 fx send knobs
- 3 mute/solo buttons
- 1 master volume knob
- EQ
- delay
- reverb
- … etc
- LCD screen with the little guy doing recipes with a blender

Sounds nifty, though I think it should have 4 since I think it’s somewhat possible they’re working on/planning a sampler PO based off things I can’t actually remember that were talked about around the PO release. Don’t take that as gospel.

I don’t think that it’d be to the same price point as the POs, though, not with all that going on.

But it’d still be a cool product.

I know that this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but they build these little pocket mixers here in Berlin. They don’t even need batteries.


They aren’t all too bad, and they’ve got one with a volume boost too now.

Sounds nifty, though I think it should have 4 since I think it's somewhat possible they're working on/planning a sampler PO based off things I can't actually remember that were talked about around the PO release. Don't take that as gospel.

I don't think that it'd be to the same price point as the POs, though, not with all that going on.

But it'd still be a cool product.

At NAMM, I asked Jesper about the fact the that the PO series are Blue, Orange and Green… does that mean there will be a white one to cover all of the OP-1 knob colors? A sampler maybe? He flashed a coy grin and said “maybe”.

ah yes, it was you I was thinking of @sammyjams thanks

I have a design for such a thing (plus a few things) in my head. Didn’t think of the FX send/built-in. That’s a good idea. If anyone is looking to collaborate on this, let me know!

@xbted Recently I walked by their flagshipstore. But I would like to have at least 4 channels. And then I think I’m going for this one @Tribrix once intriduced us to…


As long as you are using volume controls on the individual units, for basic mixing/summation purposes, wouldn’t a headphone-splitter product like the following two theoretically work in the reverse capacity?



Don’t forget this! http://operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/785/tiny-mixer-for-tabletop-jams/p1

@misrasta thanks for giving me my weekend project! Are you in Berlin too?

Piggy-backing off my earlier reply, I found an item that has independent volume controls on 10-“outputs” with a single source input. Marketed as a way to allow multiple students to listen to the same source at the same time.


Would this work as a 10-channel input w/independent volume control with a single output? Sorry for the inexperienced knowledge on sound-equipment. I have pretty much been completely computer/digital based, but i’ve recently acquired a PO-12, volca sample, and soon to have a volca bass, and I would love to have a way to a) jam with these by themselves, b) as an easy source to feed them back into computer to work in-line with a DAW.

@xbted you won’t be disappointed either, that mixer box is great and SILENT compared to other mixers I have used.

P.S. Former Berliner here. Go Herta BSC.

For what it’s worth, I just got this one here in the States:


@fairlight2x I came across that site the other day. how do you like your mixer?

This little Rolls mixer came in on Wed, but I didn’t realize there would be such a drastic signal loss. So I’m thinking an AB Switch pedal may serve my needs. Or maybe a router…, or a selector, looper…? I don’t get it.

@kites I like it a lot, simple and mountable, which is what I was looking for. Transaction was easy and shipping fast. They also have a similar one with level controls as you probably saw. I’m designing a modular “stand” system thingy for the PO’s and wanted something I could mount to the back of it. Just a vanity project but this fit the best. If it didn’t I was going to go with the one @darenager made, which is awesome!

Ha Ho He … … : D @Tribrix

Sweet, looks like I’m getting my soldering iron out tomorrow!

Came across this mixer on facebook.

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