Pocket Operator 555 LFO! (fan-made browser jamming)

Hi everybody,

I am mad about the Pocket Operators and also a bit neurotic about them.To everjam with a PO and keeping the physical buttons from harm, I’ve created a digital Pocket Operator for the browser. It’s made in Babylon js and uses my music engine Ziggurat (Open Source).

Link: https://zigguratsynth.herokuapp.com/po

PS: You can play Simon Says if you click on the lcd-screen ;).

PS2: Would be a nice PO to publish, wouldn’t it ;)?

I firstly thought to call ‘my’ PO the POtamatone (wink to Otamatone - a crazy instrument - and here one of the selectable waveforms), yet chose something more well-known (LFO).


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I dont get how this should work. Cant hear anything.


Do you play in Chrome? Have you pressed one of the sound buttons manually?

Thank you for letting me know potential bugs.

Played it in Firefox and Opera and it seems a bit laggy? Maybe Im not able to get how it works :wink:
Nevermind, nice work, would be awesome to see ports of the original POs to be able to test them before buying them.

Keep up your work!

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Thank you for your feedback.
It’s a rather “heavy” program.

I might try to port the originals in the future, who knows :).

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It functioned in safari on my iPhone mini, got it to make some noises but don’t have time to fully play around. Very cool!!

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