Pocket Operator accessories.

I don’t have a pocket operator yet. So I’m in the 99.9 percentile of us non-owners. So I don’t know how the potentiometers work on the PO’s but I can’t help but notice they have recess cuts on the top like the OP1 potentiometers. I doubt they’re the same size too. I was just curious to know maybe if anyone thinks they might release accessories for these.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of my little buddies, too! Crazy!

I doubt they will release anything. At least anything soon. What would be cool, though, would be a triple stand that has power and audio connections built in (an maybe even MIDI - eek!). Or super tiny clip on lights so you can see what you’re doing in the dark.

But yeah, in reality, I’m not expecting any accessories.

Ya I’d be really surprised if we see anything else accessory wise. It really seems like a closed ended project, in that the PO’s are not upgradable, we already know about the cases. Now, if we see a sampler with white knobs, I would not be totally surprised.