Pocket Operator Arcade Weak LCD Pixels

So I got this little synthesizer for Christmas. It's always had these weak pixels on the right. The intensity of these dim pixels depend on what other pixels are on, as noted in the photo. Also, the weak pixels, which can look non-existant, are visible at a shallower angle.

I'm no expert on the internal structure of these LCD screens, but I do know that they can act funky when there is some pressure exerted on the screen. I suspect that there my be some tension left over from the manufacturing process, or that something behind the screen is pressing against it (there's a foam pad behind the screen).

So, I'm wondering if desoldering and re-soldering the screen (to release any tension) could be a solution to my problem, or if my issue is a faulty component like a capacitor for one of the common pins.

The display is multiplexed in rows/columns, that would explain why a group of symbols are affected. The problem could be inside the display glass, the display pin solder joint or the processor output pin/pad. You can only repair the second case. Unfortunatelly I haven’t mapped (yet) the arcade display pinout, so I can’t tell you which pin corresponds to that group of symbols.