Pocket Operator Battles

Is there a group of people interested in doing Battels, for those not owning a OP-1, where the pocket operators are the main act?

Nice idea indeed :slight_smile:

I don’t have anywhere near the skill required to participate but would love to see what other people come up with.

I don’t have the skill, but I’ll give it a go!!

i feel like there are a bunch of ways to frame these. videos of you live Looping a perfomance completly/only on the PO or just chopping the majority of samples from your PO’s. I always liked the winner chooses the rules of the next battle in the OP1 battles thread.

I think skills are not necessary. And in my view the Pocket Operators have a big range of posibilities to work with.

The thing is, battles offers a unique way to develop your skills for constraints give birth to ideas, practice to improvement and deadline to tracks !!


Sounds fun!

Couldn’t agree more @LyingDalai and nice idea @flom .
Be nice to see what variation can come out of Arcade and stuff.

Sounds like something I could try, probably less time consuming than OP-1 battles!

Well @flom announce the first battle! and let them begin!

Definitely up for some battles!

The first PO Battle is set.