Pocket Operator Cases - what’s your fav?

Hi there Fam,

So I was delighted today to open not 1, but TWO Street fighter Pocket operators. I’ve owned three POs for some time now, with the TE branded cases, and although the quality is good, I hate the squidgy feel of the rubber over the buttons. The PO buttons feel great for their size (wish the OP-Z had similar button click feel) but also I think without a case it’s too fragile to use on stage.

So would you guys mind telling me your fav 3rd party PO case with the best feeling buttons?

Many thanks

I did my own wooden case:


thats really nice dude great job!

i’ve always wanted to build a lil case with some extra space in the bottom
and try to fit a lil rechargeable lipo battery in the back
or maybe some extra circuitry of some kind

most of the cases i’ve seen either don’t show the bottom
or don’t look like theres a lot of space back there

That’s lit!

I’m not at your level of DIY though, does anyone know of a case I can buy that has nice button feel?