Pocket Operator durability when it's actually in your pocket

Hi all,

Just picked up an arcade and robot with their cases, however I was a bit surprised that the cases dont offer protection for the back, considering some parts are exposed and liable to catch/snag on stuff when in an actual pocket. has anybody had problems regarding this and durability when travelling?

I have been carying Pocket Operators around in my jeans pocket on my way to work since they are out (first serie and 20’s serie). Never had a problem! And they don’t even have the case. But I am very careful too…

Is your jeans ok ?

Is your jeans ok ?

Oh that made me laugh, I imagine some guy walking around with zoo attack shredded jeans making beats!

Cheap Monday should make custom jeans with holes for the rotaries.

the op-z has this amaze-balls rotary slide potentiometer thingy. basically just a big knob flat and flush with the case that you turn with only the top. it totally solves the whole sliding in pocket backpack thing. looking forward to that from TE.


Thanks guys! Feel more confident in their durability now!

I would also have preferred a full case (i.e. with back) for my POs but having said that never experienced any bother with fluff or snagging. I actually like wearing it via the strap like a funky necklace haha.

I thought “pocket” referred to the groove :o)

I really hate the name “Pocket Operator” because I can’t imagine ever throwing these things in my pocket. Aside from the fact that they are sharp and have pieces that jut out uncomfortably, you’d be at extreme risk of breaking the thing, or at the very least, triggering buttons constantly so it never goes to sleep (or plays music in your pocket). Right now, I have a them in a $7 padded camera case, it’s not really ideal, but at least I can throw it in a bin with other things and am fairly confident that the buttons aren’t getting pressed.

The durability issue is the reason I didn’t even think about buying these things for a year and a half after they came out. It was only after I got to try one and felt that the buttons actually seemed okay that I picked a few up.

^ I must admit the name ‘pocket operator’ instantly makes me think of the phrase ‘pocket fisherman’ which is a euphemism for a particular kind of sexual deviant where I’m from!
Funny though…
I only have the PO-12 and refer to it as the ‘drum calculator’.