Pocket operator field?

a pocket operator for midi sequencing + arpeggiation would be sweet. maybe a po12 on pad 16 /or 8 engines per upper n lower pads /or whatever

basically an rk008 from retrokits in pocket operator format

metal po-x case, right?



a pocket operator field with like 4 or 5 pocket operator engines, trs midi, backlit screen and a metal case with solid pots/knobs would be dope af … ive heard people discount the possibility of a pocket operator in the field range for reasons, but po’s are really as much of a flagship synth as the op-1 or op-z. maybe they’ll do op-zf first? then po-f??

maybe an entire field range is a hoax, and they’ll only revamp these two n that’s it …

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my only problem with this is… well the op-z. it’s already a better PO. i don’t see why they would do a field PO instead of a field op-z :man_shrugging:

i’m not sure where this type of thing comes from. the field system is a real thing, and there will be more in the line. they’ve said as much on several occasions.

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in all honesty
i would rather see them put out new stuff
rather than rehashing field versions of things that already exist

not saying a field Z or PO wouldn’t be cool or anything
(like @mat said, isn’t the Z kinda like a souped up PO already?)


its a format thing

full metal po format 12/24/32 drum thing would be a no brainer me, lot less fuss than any opzf and lol hopefully half the price

me too!

but i looks like theyre making field shit and tote bags now so po-f me

the new shit could be part of the field series

The opz is absolutely not a posh PO. the sequencer is good but the sounds are really boring.


I just cannot understand how anyone could say the sounds from the OP-Z are boring. They’re so versatile but again the effects are a bit lacking. I guess that’s just your opinion hahahaha. No abrasiveness here, that just blows my mind to hear.

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The synths just don’t have much to them. Very clean simple bloops. And the sample time is tiny. I really love the sound of the po series, frequently peculiar and nasty. And the fx on POs are amazing.

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another thing about a po-f is the effects

yeah the f-mixer has effects, but po fx are something special…pocket operators are the same size as a boss pedal and the 1st gen bit-crushers, distortions, echos, lpf, lpfs, hpf, hpfs have that same classic vibe. idk, maybe an op-z weight tx-6 in po format would also un-alienate the lower-middle class customer base of a proper synth/effects thru box

so like a 2 to 4 channel metal pocket operator w dual stereo inputs n’ a backlit screen, 4 channels so i can pump acid thru one channel, kick thru a clean one, load up some long samples, and leave an empty one for looping effects or just in case…again why they made a mixer idk, but it’d go good w a beefed up po-12 on top of some tonic nonsense w like a per channel echo +some reverb. gold. or should i say field… po field…

looks like it’s 1 to 1 new shit to revamped old shit so far