Pocket Operator Hadouken

Yoga flame?


I want one! Which is very silly, it’s just a KO. :man_shrugging:

Can anyone tell if the Mega Man 128 has different sounds in it? Copy on the page makes it look like no but it sounds different to my untrained ears.

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PO-128 also has a little bit more features than PO-28. I’ve updated the Button combinations table here:

However, PO-133 looks like the same as PO-33 regarding the features.

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So, with these being “commercial” samples, any sound here from unit is ok to sample and use in commercial songs from here on out with no legal snafus from Capcom?

If you sample over the original samples in this is there a way to reset to default to get the Street Fighter samples back?


But 28 already has this feature (Sound + knob A adjusts levels of bass / melody)

Really? Well it is missing from the official online guide of 28. Maybe it was a hidden feature. Or, maybe it was introduced during production and some devices have it while others not, so it is rather not included in the guide - just a guess!

lol yeah… goes with their long-time obsession with sports cars. remember the photos of a lamborghini in their office?

I remember that! When I look at the picture above I imagine that it would make a great looking small RC car… :joy:

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Has anyone received their PO-133 yet and would be willing to test a small thing for me? Mine is behaving a bit strange on sound 16 (not 13–15) where you can’t step through the slices as you can on the PO-33 and others.



What a baller.

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Can someone upload the entire stock drum sample on button 13? I managed to sample over it in the middle of the project. I’d prefer not to factory wipe it.

Can I use these samples in a track now? What’s the legality? Having trouble finding a clear answer. <3

cats have been using street fighter // video game samples in tracks since hte 90s

plus unless u make like 100 mil off a track and is hte pop hit of hte summer,
nobody is gunna go after you

you’re good b

Yeah thanks mate. Like in man’s not hot haha.

Did you hear about the gaming bars in Japan being shut down? Like playing consoles at a bar, the console companies shut them down due to licensing.

na i did not but that makes sense to me
they make many millions if not billions off games sale and downloadable content
selling u all those classic games via the online store etc etc
profit margin is prolly way higher than what they make off the consoles
makes sense that they would be very protective of all that $$$ generated

theres not much skin in the game for them or any at all
b/c someone wanted to throw a chun li “yah-tzah!” in a beat
ya na mean? :laughing:

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Good point!