Pocket Operator KO is kinda a basic B

Hi folks,

So I finally got one, & I’m kinda underwhelmed. Just so bare bones. Not sure if I’m into it. Some of you guys were so into it, I guess I just expected to fall in love more. Change my mind, haha

Thanks man. Yeah this is cool https://www.instagram.com/reel/CGkj-iWjUB8/?igshid=nse4fqrmri2v but interested in workflow stuff and the step automation is only filter / pitch and you don’t seem able to change pitch on a per step basis for instance without “playing it in” live by holding record and turning the knob.

I wanna love it, but so far I don’t.

Seems like the clip above, the guy was using really ready samples. And just doing basic sequencing on the PO, which begs the question: why use the PO for this? The lofi sound is cool.

Funnily enough, getting KO makes me wanna get an SP404 or 303. Dunno if both would be a nice workflow together. I do dig the KO fx, but feel pretty limited by the 16 step mandatory quantise & was surprised there was no ability to automate sample start point / length on a per step basis. I know you can kinda do it in melodic mode, but still, maybe I’ll learn to love it.

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Honestly it’s kind of a flex, just wear it around your neck so people know how dope you are.

I loved mine I took it everywhere in my pocket. it broke 3 times, one of the knobs which I replaced, the headphone jack cracked open and finally I soldered the lock tabs together and one of the tabs fell off so it still works but it’s locked permanently

Save your kits to a melodic sample first and copy them to a drum slot for better transient detection

Get a radio transmitter and play it on a boombox

If you want a really good pocket sampler get Koala on your phone it’s pretty much everything you really want from the KO

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Listen to Dank-operator, Koala Sampler is it. SP404 will always be cool and be a valid tool for people using it, but I think its popularity obscures the outdated tech for the cost. $350-400 used is crazy to me in 2020. A barebones iPad and $20-$30 of apps will offer much more and cheap pads/knobs are easy to add and map as you want.

How does that work? Interesting tip.

As far as I can tell the KO’s sampler has a bit of transient detection. it will (try) to auto chop 16 slices divided onto the pads with the markers at the beginning of each sample

For me the most reliable way to make it work is to record one continuous sample on a melodic bank (1-8) then copy that over to a drum bank (9-16).
It just works

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for me the biggest omission for the KO
is not implementing the high low sample rate thing
from the SPEAK in order to increase sample time
no brainer

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I use mine to record into Ableton Live. I sometimes use the same samples I would use in Ableton but on the KO. It gives it a “grit” I can’t really emulate as well using VSTs in Ableton. On top of that, I really like that I can record found sounds anywhere and do the same. Lastly, can’t beat the portability, I can throw it in my bag and make beats anywhere.