Pocket Operator Modular does not work after assembly

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I recieved my Pocket Operator Modular 170. Today i started assembling it and all went good. I used the manual and the video on youtube. When everything was ready i put the 8 new AA battery’s in it and turned it on. But nothing happend. No white light from the led nothing. I opend it again to check if everything was connected to the powerditro and that was the case. Closed it up again and tried again, but still nothing.

Is someone able to help me out with this??

Thanks :pray:

Batteries correctly aligned?

Yes ofcourse :slight_smile:

Do you have a current meter to check if the current comes through?

I need to search for it. If i have it where do i need to check? On the power distro module?

Yeah I would start with the power module and work up from there. I don’t own one myself so I won’t be of any more help I’m afraid… I see there is a power inlet for dc-input too; maybe you could check if it works when you use external power supply?

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Hi, I just got a po400 for Christmas and my LED isn’t working but the synth is all working fine.

Have checked whether yours is the same?

Maybe they have a batch with dead LEDs

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Thanks. Yes after some testing and investigation i can confirm the synth is working. And indeed on mine the LED is also not working….

I’m contacting TE now for a replacement power distro module :slight_smile: