Pocket Operator Modular Series in Stock

The whole Series is now in Stock.

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Ordered the 16 sequencer to go along with the 400. Still waiting for the manual to be uploaded to the site.

I wonder how the 16 sequencer is compared to the CV sequencer of the OPZ. Wish the manual was available to find out! :slight_smile:

Take a look at Cuckoo’s video at superbooth 2019, they talk about he PO 16 and even show a glimpse of the manual. As I remember, the main features of the 16 that the opz with oplab doesn’t have are the 4 tracks cv sequencing and individual tunable keys. It could become very handy in a modular setup sequencing multiple oscillators on different tracks.

I have a suspicion that the 4 tracks are only transmitted over midi out. The 16 has 3 x gate ( keyboard gate ) and 3 x CV ( keyboard ) outputs each - so it would not be possible to transmit 4 different tracks at the same time.

By looking at this picture taken from Cuckoo’s video you can see that the first 3 tracks have individual CV and gate out. The fourth track, also referred as the keyboard track, has 3 gate outs and cv out on its own.

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Nice ! So you can sequence 6 tracks alltogether - 4 independent ones plus 2 copies of the keyboard track.

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