Pocket Operator Modular!


And, on the homepage!



Very cool. I think this is a good area for TE, because the dev-to-market for a module is quite fast and doesn’t require extensive case iterations etc. (the things that usually take a long time).

So I expect once they have started, they can turn these around quite fast.

As long as they keep things going on OP-Z module development so we can connect it to the modular! (I expect that is a main driver for the modular product line)

And they even have modular coffee cups (!)

I did not see this one coming… Fantastic! (Don’t know if I’ll buy them - but still…)

Wait? What?

Cool kits. Name is kind of misleading. Not much similarly to the existing PO line.

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I have a lot of Eurorack already (all DIY). Looks like this is all smaller and battery powered, but compatible. Looks like the keyboard is essentially an Artirua Keystep, with less features and more portability.

I think it looks great for “making sounds in the nature” as they say, but maybe a bit less versatile than the regular Eurorack where you make sounds with your clothes on :wink:

The power requirements may limit what they can make in some of the modules vs eurorack, too.

Super fun mini-portable-modular format though. Ikearack!

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New genre of music ikeacore


not sure why they are calling it pocket operator?
knobs are strange got to attach some kind of knob? or like a socket wrench/key for each one.

the volca modular gives this a run for its money. really excited if this is any indication for 2019! lots of portable modular!

flat pack metal folded into a case is super innovative! love that idea.

I think the volca modular is interesting because it is “west coast” and more “Bucla”… That’s a different form of synthesis, so different to the analog subtractive stuff in the TE modular (and most analog stuff that you see). I think that was a good move on Korg’s part as it is more “different” and they already have some analog subtractive synths.

I think the separate “3 modules” in the 400 as Saw, Square and Sine is a bit of a stretch. Most VCO’s have all 3 in one oscillator! They could have had 3 of the same oscillator with all 3 outputs.

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The price for what you get is amazing. This is a major home run for T.E

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They look insanely great!
It’s unfortunate that they aren’t protected from output to output patching though. It is patched like that on that 170 picture! (Square out to VCA out) :open_mouth:

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I like this grid idea for the panel layout. Could be a bit of a nightmare for PCB layout, but it looks like they could offer panels with “punch outs” for jacks/knobs.

Also, you could probably replace modules in the 400 with others, since some layouts are the same (for example: all oscillators are the same, the filters are close).

I think they have some new assembling gear for the upcoming IKEA Sound/Light System and came up with that idea by now, maybe to see how people can bend an all metal enclosure at home. it’s really a BIG Banger at NAMM I hope

You can better utilize the separate oscillators for FM and modulation purposes given the separate key CV inputs/outputs for each waveform. This allows for denser patching in the long run.

edit: Sorry - didn’t catch the whole statement with 3 identical oscillators. I think it helps to keep it simpler for newbies as well.

I believe the disclaimer is for reverse power polarity - such as if the power plug was plugged in backwards. At the end of the user manual it states “in a modular synthesizer, you can patch anything to anywhere. don’t worry, nothing will break if you do it wrong.”

That picture is very brutal though…

:star_struck: these are fantastic and so nice looking ! I’m gasing for the 170 or 400…