Pocket operator newbie help

First thing off if this is in the incorrect forum please feel,free to remove and sorry for the mistake.

Hello I’ve just purchased some pocket operators as I seen a YouTube clip and thought they looked pretty awesome. The issue I have is I do not have any experience in music other than listening to it.
I was wondering if there are any links worth checking out to get an idea on the basics of music (everything I find just tells me about computer linkage and I’m looking for a more plug and play technique) thanks in advance

Hi welcome @jakesy this is the right place,you’ve found it.
Just bought some pocket operators, want some music theory?
First advice I can give is work out how to record patterns and chain them together then just play with what sounds nice! If it sounds good then that’s your theory. PO 's are designed to make music fun,just jam those buttons and tweak. Then rock out some real time effects.
Sorry it’s not very specific but music knowledge and theory comes through experience and practice, while the ears don’t lie,so just play.
That’s my first advice, but feel free to ask more specifically.

PS just re-read you’re after links…maybe someone else will chime in.

Thanks. Have been playing around with them for about a week and had some funky tunes coming out of them already. I was just concerned that without any prior musical knowledge they’d be impossible to understand.