Pocket Operator No longevity?

To date I have purchased, the Sub, factory, 2 rhythms, and an arcade.

Almost all of them have developed issues.
the factory doesnt always trigger correctly.
One of the Rhythms died and I had it replaced because i bought the Guitar center insurance. The other has button issues
The arcade power cycles any time i press a button.

These problems all developed over time. I am not hard on my Pocket Operators they rarely leave my desk. All of them have cases…

They dont seem to last. Im not sure I can justify purchasing any more of them…

It really Doesnt make sense to me though. I play with exposed circuit boards all day (eurorack, guitar pedals, computers. etc…)
really disappointed in the quality of the Pocket Operators. I really like them but with this crazy high failure rate for me I cant justify purchasing more in the future. And I really liked the Rhythm…

That sucks dude… never had issues with mine. I got the first 3 in April 2015. I’ve gigged with them numerous times and use them all over the place. Bummer…

My Rhythm switches off when I increase level to much. Kills me, it’s my favorite !

My Rhythm switches off when I increase level to much. Kills me, it's my favorite !

Are you using rechargeable or nimh batteries? That may have something to do with that. Try regular alkaline if you haven’t. All of mine do this when the battery gets low.

I have tried with brand new alkaline batteries, still the same.


ive only ever used regular old chemical alkaline batteries. no rechargeables…