Pocket Operator / PO-XX Style apps?

I know we’ve got a few “OP-1” style apps like Samplr, but does anyone know of any good iOS apps that have a similar workflow to the Pocket Operators? Coming from the PO-12, I’m looking for:

- 4x4 step sequencer
- Per sound tweaking
- Mix of sample and synthesized sounds
- Pattern chaining
- Swing
- Parameter locking (recording paramtere tweaks as part of a sequence)
- FX recording (record FX levels / instantiation as part of a sequence)

If not uh, maybe I should brush off my Swift skills and get to work?

Closest things I know of are TriqTraq (which I don’t love the sample-only UI, and FX are limited) and MoDrum (which I can never get swing to work)


Saving spot. i have a list at home… ill get it up then.

both android and ios

Nanoloop’s a good one, always forget about it because the UI is even somehow more obtuse than the PO-12 :wink:

^ @charlesv nanoloop is how i got my start in music creation! its as easy as trackers will ever come! it isalso available on both android and IOS. Very rich sonic palette and unique workflow! I dont think it has “pattern locks”(automation)

I wonder if I could build a PO-12 app clone by the time those summer shipments come through

DOOOO ITTTTT @charlesv please add chromatic scale…

Elastic Drums? iPhone only so far so don’t forget to switch your search function if on a pad…

Nanoloop has pattern locks but only on a select few parameters. No fx either. Still, great app and the first thing that popped into my head when I read this topic.

Nanoloop rocks. The P-lock per step is implemented so beautifully.

Never quite understood the op1 and samplr comparison.

op1 vs. samplr i think is really just design and aesthetics. not really even close to the same things.

If you can let go of the 4x4 step grid for a more Pattern-esque sequencer, Korg Gadget pretty much covers all of those…