Pocket Operator question

Hey there, long time listener, first time caller and all that

I have two of the Pocket Operators now (the 20 and the 12 wif pro cases, aw yiss), and I’m having trouble with only one thing: I can’t seem to record or sequence any of the instruments with altered parameters.

By which I mean, I can fiddle with Knob A & Knob B and get a cool sound, but then when I hit Write and go to live record it in or sequence it, it goes back to the default setting. It’s especially irksome on the PO-12 since I can’t audition a new sound with an existing pattern while the pattern is playing, because then the Knobs don’t seem to do anything.

Is there something glaringly obvious that I’m missing?
Hey @Jellygeist !
You have to push continuously the write button while tweaking the knobs so that the knobs motion is recorded.

I had the same question about the PO-20. It works for me on the PO-12, but the ability to turn off “write”, dial in a specific sound, then hit write again and punch it in seems disabled with the PO-20. It was annoying. I posted about it but didn’t get many responses: https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1816/punching-in-notes-on-po-20-sound-in-the-sequence-not-the-sound-i-had-picked#latest

You have to hold write while you turn the knobs. If youre on a sweet sound in audition mode, and you start playback and write + turn the knob, the parameter will snap close to the sweet sound you were at. I own 12 14 and 16 and I’m pretty sure its the same on all three of those.

Make sure write mode is off and the unit is not playing. Turn the knobs to find the sound you want, then turn write mode on and punch in the step(s). Turn write mode off.

Repeat until your sequence is ready. Then press play. The stored steps should have retained your desired settings.

That works on the PO–12 – I can’t speak for any of the other POs.

^ That does not work for the PO-20. After punching in the step when write mode is enabled, you need to hold the key for that step and turn the knobs a bit for the sound setting to stick.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll do more muddling around with these things when work isn’t making me so tired. I have to say that the PO-12 behaves quite a bit differently than the 20 so I’m relearning the basics all over again