Pocket Operator sync set up procedure?

Maybe I've missed this somewhere but I can only sometimes successfully get my 3 POs to sync. I plug all three in, set the first to Sync 1, second to Sync 5, third to Sync 4, and then I just hear the click track and nothing else. I rearrange them, plug, unplug, hit play then stop on all of them, repeat in random orders, and then somehow suddenly it works, but then as soon as I step away and one goes to sleep, it's all undone. I can't figure out anything repeatable. Is there a specific order of steps one has to do things in to reliably sync across 3 POs?

I had what sounds like the exact same problem and came on here to find a solution.

I tried changing the cable and it seems to work fine now. Might be worth a try.


Total noob question about syncing - if you use pulse/CV sync in a Pocket Operator/Volca/whatever, and then want to record the resulting sounds into an interface or 4-track, does the final audio have to include the pulse noise/click track? Also, if you are listening with headphones, do you only get audio through the right side, since the left is being used for the pulse?

Hope I’m totally wrong about those things, but if not, it just seems to limit the usefulness for syncing devices other than just for messing around.